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About Kings Tribe

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The only social context many Christians have across the world is CHURCH (nothing wrong with churches, it’s just that there are millions of these the world over; coloured by ethnicity, doctrinal variations, style of worship, personalities of its leadership etc) this makes it impossible for Christians (true ones and not religious ones) to connect with one another and share fellowship simply on the basis of our shared identity. 

This is the missing link! The world is waiting for a “tribe” of sons of God, we think she is waiting for more churches! 

The Kings Tribe solves this problem by connecting believers together and creating  a context of conversation and community that allows us to relate as family members of the same tribe and nation, don’t we all crave that sense of belonging?

Kings Tribe helps us take care of one another and emerge as siblings, heirs and representatives of Christ to the world

Why You Should Join KingsTribe

Community | Commonwealth | Commision 

Would you like to experience true community with other believers in society? Would you like to practice your faith and grow with other believers wherever you find them, unrestricted by organisations, institutions and programs, simply living by the divine code of Love for God, submission to Christ , fellowship with fellow Christians and collaboration to bring hope to the world? 

If your answer is yes then Kings Tribe is the opportunity for you... it is not just another organisation, it is your nation finding you and you finding your nation, it is HOME... that is if you are born of the spirit.

Thank You!

A Big Thanks if you have joined the community already, “what are you waiting for?!” If you haven’t

As with every community everyone is important and needed to keep it going, your presence here is much appreciated, without you we are not complete! 

Much more we need you to bear with us the burden of reaching, connecting and building community with more believers across the world. We would love to share this same opportunity with our kinsmen everywhere, we would need your financial support to continue doing this, after all who else would Christ use to spread this if not you?


 The KingTribe Concierge team

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